Lee Child and Naked Blue

After a friendship born of unlikely coincidence, mutual fandom, and a shared love of music and story, bestselling author Lee Child and songwriter/recording artists Scott & Jen Smith of Naked Blue spent time together exploring Lee’s Jack Reacher, one of the most celebrated serial characters in modern fiction. The result is a full length album, Just the Clothes on My Back, illuminating Jack Reacher in a brand new medium. This extraordinary collaboration comes to the stage mixing Americana/Rock songs from the album, performed by Naked Blue, and conversation about the character and the project, as well as Q & A with the audience, by Lee Child.

“..bold, assertive blues-rock tunes that, thanks to Jennifer Smith’s throaty, expressive delivery, remind of artists like Susan Tedeschi and Lucinda Williams without feeling derivative of either; Naked Blue is its own thing, a potent pairing whose natural rawness and muscle suit the Reacher ethos beautifully."
-- Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault

“At a recent NYC appearance at City Winery with author Lee Child, blues rock quartet Naked Blue played songs from their new Jack Reacher-inspired collaboration with the acclaimed writer. Spanning everything from the character’s confident, fearless swagger to the lonely heartache of an eternal wanderer, they evoked a wide range of emotions within nuanced songs that clearly delighted the audience and Reacher’s creator.”
-- Bryan Reesman, Billboard, Newsday

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