Bitch (formerly of Bitch and Animal, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus) is back with a new collection of songs which she affectionately calls "Poet Pop." Armed with her unusual instrumentation of violins, keytar, ukulele and bass, Bitch’s new material combines epic dance-y tunes like “New Year” as well as more tender songs like her recent pop ballad release, “Easy Target.”

Bitch has toured with Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls and Jay Brannan. She has co-written a song with Margaret Cho, studied violin with Andrew Bird, and made two albums of her elder and folk idol, Ferron. She is known for her live stage shows being a combination of upbeat and celebratory as well as intimate and reflective.

2020 will see more releases for Bitch, as well as cross-country touring.

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